Dating rules for Persian people.

Well, So there are people who wonder about my dating life.
Is religion is a problem?, well the answer is no.

I’m not raised Muslim, but i am Muslim. It’s like you’re born christian, but never pray and such..
I’m raised western. I wear what i want, eat what i want and do what i want. Of course there are some rules in the dating thing. But those are rules from my home culture, not the religion culture.  The rules that i’m about to say are rules that my parents set up for me and my little brother. Not every Persian will follow this. some are conservative and some are loose.


“1.Dating should be done first before becoming a couple. If the guys asks the girl to be her girlfriend and she accepts, he will then introduce her to his parents. The girl will introduce the guy to her parents the next time. Note: when we are invited to meet the parents, it’s always for dinner and you should bring a gift, like flowers. That’s for the respect.”

“2. The guy and girl may hold hands and kiss. But not too openly. Note: Never kiss in front of family or parents. That’s disrespectful.” 


“3. Sex is out of the question! Sex should only be done after marriage or when they are engaged. The white wedding dress stands for purity. If you’re not pure, you’re not allowed to wear it. If it does happen before marriage, you will be shaming your family and you won’t get any respect.”


“4. The guy shouldn’t be over obsessed. I guess this counts for everyone. Don’t be obsessed  in a relationship! Nobody has to know what you’re doing 24/7 if it’s not involving you and your partner. If she’s at a party she shouldn’t be obligated to tell who she is talking to and what she is doing. everyone needs their space, if not, your relationship will be over!”


“5. Respect for elders is really important. If she/he says something like i hate my parents for taking my pencil or something, you should never take her/his side in it. You should  always take no side and say that you understand why the parents acted that way, and you know why it’s upsetting. Parents are a huge nr 1 in the Persian culture. Always have respect for your elders too.”


“6. Be respectful and do not call names or swear. If i would take my boyfriend home, and he would say fuck or shitty people or something. My dad command me to break it up, and i would, because my parents want only the best for me.”


“7. If you don’t like the food, just eat it and say it doesn’t taste your favor. That way you won’t hurt the feelings of the one who cooked.”


“8. Girls love getting stuff. Surprise us! that will be a bonus point.”



I loved it hihi. It was for “sinterklaas” haha. 

Image❤ 😀



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