Weird pictures..that i always get

Well i just quit my job. Its really not good for my health to be outside and working.

So i left the group whatsapp and i was deleting some pictures, when i saw some weird ones.

This is one of the funniest. People taking pictures with a lama. I wouldnt do it if i were them.. or would i? Sounds funny though. Haha ah well.


I liked this one, because it gave me the feeling that the guy was an ignorant bastard. So it was funny for me hihi


We have this app called tinder. Its more like a bootycall app. If you like some one you click the heart and if the other person also likes you and gives you the heart, you can chat. If you dont heart, you can X him. So you cant be bothered by it hihi.
I also got a weird text one saying. If you were a frikandel, you’d be a frikandel special. A frikandel is a dutch snack.’totally unhealthy though’.


This is just the most awesome picture i got. It got thrown in the app really randomly and ig looks really funny if you think a bit pervy haha. But i thought it was funny so yeah haha

I also got some pictures from my friends. More kpop related.
This one is the: who would you date.

I would be dating Daehyun, because he confessed to me and can’t resist me.
Hihi and you?

Here are some other funny and hot pictures!!

Of course onew from shinee. And here under minho playing santaa

And now donghea the hottie


Ramdomness. If you like kpop you know this!!

Princess ❤


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