My new haircut.

A few days ago i went to the hair dresser. Mom insisted to go.. i hate going to the hairdresser.. the always cut it the way i dont want it.. mostly because they don’t know how to cut full hair.

Wel before i went my hair looked like this:

I was really nervous.. the guy was cutting a lot of hair.. and i was stressing about the outcome. The normal price was 15 euro for only cutting. But the guys also washed my hair. So i was hoping it wouldnt cost me much since i dont really have any money..
After he was done cutting, he asked if he should blowdry it prettily or normal.
I asked for the one thats in the 15 euro pakkage.. and he started drying my hair. When i looked at my hair i saw he was blowdrying it pretty. So i said that i didnt ask for that. He made a dont-worry gesture. He did a lot with my hair. He said that he loved my thick and long hair.
He started doing some updo’s and asked how i wanted my hair. I said loose..
So ge combed my hair and the result was really pretty.

This is the outcome.

I also have a fringe, but its not in sight haha.
I also dyed my hair just today. And its back to my original color. I hope that the reddish teint wont come back 😮


And i made a bow hihi with my own hair.

Oh yeah.. dont be too shocked about the pictures.. i dont have any make up on except for the first one.. xD

Oh p.s. i also visited my boyfriends house on the 25th. Hihi and im goimg bowlimg tomorrow.

So see you later for now!!




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