For a long time I have felt very “down ” . I had stress regarding my follow-up study at the university , I got irritated to some things in my social contacts , my favorite concert which i had to miss because I had to work but ultimately did not have to work that day … I’m fulltime at my internship and work got too much too (I work 2/3 nights a week and have four days my internship and 1 day school .. ) therefore I was totally depressed . <span title="Een aantal dagen geleden kwam ik een artikel tegen over de #100HAPPYDAYS.

“>A few days ago I came across an article about the # 100HAPPYDAYS .

People who are so busy that they do not have time to be cheerful and happy should be a part of this. I immediately signed up the next day and I ‘ve started . The idea is that every day (for 100 days) you should take a picture of something that makes you happy. The photo could be anything, making an appointment with your friend , a cup of coffee and / or an adventure you’ll go on . The hashtag # 100HAPPYDAYS should be attached to every photo, so the people of the 100HAPPYDAYS can also find you . Place it on social media such as Facebook , Tumblr , Instagram , Twitter, etc. You can also choose to do it by mail . You can indicate your preference.

I myself have opted for Tumblr . This seemed to me the finest place , because this does not have many followers whom i know and therefore I can 100% be myself without thinking what friends think of my photos. This challenge is in fact not a bragging contest. You should not satisfy others but yourself . Otherwise, you’re cheating and you’ll lose before you’ve started.

Most will now be thinking : ” I do not have time for this ” or “Why would I do this ? ‘ .
Time always can be made.  It is a picture and a hashtag and it takes only two minutes to do so. Those two minutes , you can always take, at any time !
Most people who have already entered this challenge , have positive experiences should be kept on . They indicated that :
• They discovered what makes them happy every day ;
• They were better disposed towards every day ;
• They received more compliments ;
• They are happy with their life at the moment ;
• They have become more optimistic ;
• They have even fallen in love during the challenge (you can not fall in love if you are not happy) .

After the challenge, you also have some nice pictures of your happy moments , you can also receive a booklet at the end of the challenge .
Below you can see the pictures of me in a few days , will you follow me further ? Here, the site on which I that I make the challenge! My 100happyday challenge

My internship makes me happy, because I help people!


You should also start! Click here!



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