So here’s a little story written by me. have fun reading.

Chapter One

“Bye bye, I will miss you!” I yelled as hard as I could when I saw them leave. I felt an arm on my shoulder “It’s okay, honey” “You’ll write him letters and he will reply them” I heard Ryan say, I felt lucky to have a guy like him by my side, if he wasn’t there I would still live on the streets. I felt tears coming out of my eyes, he was gone now and I wasn’t sure if I could see him again. Ryan pushed me towards him and he embraces me, I had my hands in front of my eyes. After a while we started walking home, hand in hand. —– “Melody!”

I looked up and saw the teacher standing in front of me. “Daydreaming in class?” He asked me, I apologized and started reading out loud as he ordered me. “The girl was asked to confirm the….” I read, but I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading. The bell rang and I walked outside, Suddenly I heard someone calling my name “Melody, what’s wrong with you? You seem down for a whole week now” I looked at her and tears filled my eyes “They’re going to take Danny away from me” I said. She looked confused.

“Why? He like your child, you have looked after him for 3 years” She said, I nodded “They found his real parents, the were gone abroad and had left him with his butler and nanny, but when the nanny went out shopping Danny got separated and was wandering on the streets” I said while sniffing “And that’s when I found him, when I was set-..” I didn’t finish my sentence “When you were..?” She asked, “Hehe.. When I.. Uhm.. was wandering around myself” She nodded “But I think you would be better suited to look after him than his rich-never-home parents” she said, I nodded. “I don’t think so” we heard someone say, I looked to see who it was. It was the class rep, Sandy, “That child has to grow up with his parents not with someone who found him, you have to understand that yourself” I looked down again “Wouldn’t you want to be looked after by your mom? Or do you want to be looked after by someone else?” I sighed. She was right, If my mom was still alive I would have been a lot happier and I wouldn’t be through this all. “Do you know the time we picked him up from school and he said that there was a parents-child picnic at his school? He wasn’t happy when he told us, because you and your boyfriend aren’t his biological parents” I nodded she was right “For a quit shy girl you know a lot” I said smiling, she blushed and turned around. “who is your boyfriend by the way?” I heard Sandra ask after a while, Sandy also faced us again. “He goes to the University here” I said smiling in the hope they wouldn’t ask more, because they couldn’t find out. “What’s his name?” Sandra asked twice when I didn’t answer “Melody, can I speak to you for a moment?” I nodded and ran towards the teacher, “I’ll see you later girls” I said as I walked to our classroom with the teacher. “Thanks for saving me” I said smiling, “I saw my honey being under pressure so I thought I would help you” I blushed. “But may I know why you were daydreaming in class? Was it about Danny?” I nodded. He suddenly hugged me, it felt comfortable so I hugged back, his right hand reached my chin and he lifted my head up, our face was getting closer. “Mr Tylor do you have the papers for the-..” The secretary from the principal asked “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were talking to a student” In the meantime, before he saw us, we had already separated. It’s too risky to be a couple at school. “I’m done talking, just a second” He said to the secretary “And If you repeat that again, you will end up with some chores, understand?” He said angry, I nodded and walked away. That was close, I leaned against the wall and looked outside. Suddenly I saw a limo in front of the car and two girls got out and walked in the school. —- “These are transfer students, they had a private teacher, so they’re new to the whole school system” the teacher said as the whole class called “whoa” The teacher gave them a signal and they nodded “I am Milly Star, I am one of the three daughters of the Tayon Family and I am the second…” the smallest girl was saying but I didn’t listen, she had blond hair it almost reached her lower back, she had blue eyes. They didn’t seem sisters, the other was tall and had short brown hair with brown eyes, then I noticed the other was going to introduce herself “My name is Eva Lock and I am the third sister of Tayon Family” she said smiling. “Does anyone have questions?” They asked when they noticed everyone was full of spirit. A boy stood up “My name is Steven, but everyone calls me Steve. I want to ask something” He asked serious, But the other boys started to yell “You are so cute!” The teacher yelled that everyone had to be quit. Then Steve continued “If you two are the second and third sister.. who is the first one?” He was right, I didn’t notice that. “We were told a year ago that we had an older sister, but she doesn’t live with us. She was separated from us when we were 5 years old, she moved with our mom to another town and she passed away 4 years ago..” Milly looked down, but Eva continued “We are searching for our sister now, that’s the reason for coming to a public school, we already searched the other school, but she wasn’t there. So she has to be here” she sighed. “Maybe we can help” Sandy said “I’m the class reprensative, Sandy Benson” She walked to the girls and faced the class “they are a triple, so the third one has to look like them” she said. Suddenly everyone’s eyes widened, the class rep. talked to the whole class with full spirit without being shy. But Sandy immediately turned red and didn’t say anything. “Does the first sister look like you? Because you two don’t look like each other” I said as I walked to the front, Sandy already had taken her seat. They shook their head “Describe her, please” I ordered. “We only know that she has a tanned skin and black hair, but she could’ve dyed her hair.. and she has dark eyes” Milly said, “She has to be beautiful too, because she is one of the sisters” A boy yelled. The whole class started to think “She is also 18 years old” Eva added. I noticed everyone watching me “Do you know who?” I asked. They nodded “YOU!” I started laughing out loud “Yeah right me! I couldn’t be that girl, first of all I already have a family”. “I thought your mother passed away and you only had her” A boy said and walked towards me “Or did you count me as your family, because we are in love?” I sighed “No Vince, We are NOT in love, don’t make things up” He looked at me “I know that, but since you’re single I can have hope for a future with us!” I laughed again, he was so overreacting, like always. But if he knew I had a boyfriend.. what would happen? “What’s your name?” Eva asked “I’m melody” I said smiling “If you want I can arrange that every girl from the age of 18 with a tanned skin, dark eyes and black hair without dying, can come for a talk” They nodded, I walked out of class towards the principal’s office, He wasn’t there, so I took the microphone and started talking “Attention everyone, this is Melody speaking. I want every girl with a tanned skin, dark eyes and naturally black hair from the age of 18 to come to the cafeteria tomorrow at 10 o’clock, the Tayon family has lost a sister and they think she is at our school! Thank you for listening” I then walked to class again. —- The Tayon sisters… “What do you think?” Eva asked Milly “I don’t know, I hope we will find her somehow” Milly answered. “That Melody girl” Eva said, Milly nodded “I know there is something about her” Melody walked into class “Everything is arranged” She said and took her seat. The next subject was PE. They walked to the field in their sport clothes. “We are going to run the 500m! I want everyone to be at their best at the sports festival” The teacher said. “Private lessons is great, now we can show the ability of the Tayon family” Eva said smirking. “Who volunteers to start first?” The teacher asked. Nobody wanted, Melody stood up and walked to the starting place. “We want to” Eva yelled. “This is going to be easy, Milly” “Start!” the teacher yelled and we started running, I looked at Milly and She nodded. We started to run full speed. “Yeah! A good competition” I heard Melody yell from behind. I started to laugh, suddenly she was running next to me. “I’m sorry but if I can win in something, I will win, even if you are new here” She said. “Sorry Milly, Eva” she said as she was far in front of us. “You really were great” A girl said, Eva smiled “But Melody was better, but she’s great in everything” Milly looked at Eva, Eva’s face turned into anger. “That girl.. She is our biggest competition” Eva said “why do make her our enemy?” Milly asked. “Because we have worked our butt of to be the best in everything, then we come here and she beats us in sports?” Eva said angry. “Be polite, Eva. It’s just one thing she won. She won’t stand our beauty or our study” Eva started smiling after Milly said that “You’re right”. The next day they had a test, a math test. Everyone started making the test, in a half an hour Melody gave her paper to the teacher. and he started correcting. Eva noticed and also turned in her paper. “I have everything right!” She said. The teacher started correcting and when he corrected every ones papers. He started talking “Like always Melody has an A+, Eva has an A and Milly an A-, good job girls” He said, then he continued the other grades The B’s and C’s and one F. It was from Vincent. He didn’t really care that he had a bad mark, he just laughed. “Vincent! It’s not something to laugh about! Do you even study?” The teacher said. “No, but I have a good reason for it. Yesterday night I wanted to study but then something knocked on my window. I opened it and I was kidnapped, When I looked I saw it were aliens and then..” But before he could finish his story, Melody had hit him on his head “I guess the aliens also hit you on the head” The whole class started to laugh.

Β how’s it? should I write more?




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