People who are annoying.

MomanCamera_20131212_114421So you have these people who annoy you so much that you just cant take it anymore and you’ll just wont be nice anymore.. because you cant pretend to be nice.. yeah i really have a good patience with people.. but this one.. OMG.

This girl first contacted me about the blog.. she said it was so good and so on.. so i thought she really likes my blog and likes what i write about.. but i don’t even think she read it..

the story:

This girl(lets  call her A), she’s best friends with B and B had a relationship with this guy Y… Asks me about Y because i have him in my contacts on FB.. So yeah i know him… i have worked with him a few times, but even though. A thinks Y cheated on B, and asked me like 100 questions about it. i don’t like lying so i told her the truth and even asked my boss about the time that Y got fired, for A. I like helping people. then she started accusing me of having a relationship with Y.. (he’s totally not my type, i like light skinned guys and Y is dark).

So i told her this whole story about that he’s only a colleague, not even a friend( because you hang out in order to be friends, and i don’t do that with Y).

Yes he has confessed to me that he likes me, but I turned him down and told him we would never be something more than colleagues..So A does NOT trust me, though i thought she did..

She messaged me 2 days ago about that she had this question, so i told her to tell me after 2 days. I couldn’t message her that instant because i wasn’t at home for those days.. i have long shifts and i slept at a friends’ house.. so yeah.. my 3G internet was gone.. i used it until the end and today is the day that my new monthly data got on my phone. So she has basically cursed me by me being cheated on by my future boyfriend.. because i have something to hide and thats the reason i answered after 2 days.. seriously.. i don’t even have time to hang with my friends.. how could i possibly have time to get into an hour long conversation with her about Y cheating..

I have the conversation here…:

  • if you wrote back to me after two days for me it is clear that despise me. I thought you honest truthful and willing to help but apparently reading your personal thoughts on your blog I was wrong about your personality. I thought also that if you experienced so much wrong with your boyfriend that you understand well my friend from Polish

     I think you know the truth about Y and you have something to hide so why not the other way referring to me
  • A
    Perhaps someday in life you find yourself in a similar situation and you will not know the answers to you questions about someone whom you gave a real feeling and you sought help from other people if they treat you just like you Traded me you understand exactly what I feel in this time
  • A
    the weird thing is that studying psychology because your behavior does not indicate anything about it that you want to help people

So of course i wrote something back after a 100 times saying she had to let B and Y figure it out by talking..:

  • “I was not at home… I didn’t have any internet on my phone anymore so i couldn’t answer… I work from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening… So no i don’t have time to answer 24/7 you’re needy.. Thanks for wishing me a bad experience btw.. Now i know tthat you’re not a good person”

    The good thing is, my blog is for everyone to see, even for Y. everyone that knows me, knows that i have a blog and what it’s about.
    So what do you guys think? I’m overreacting, or is this girl too obsessed?
 leave some comments down below 🙂

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