Healthy lunch idea! Easy and delicious!


Well i made this because i didn’t want my lunch to as always.  And its easy to make. Just 15 minutes!

Ingredients bread:
• 1 bread (i used 100% spelt)
• 2 eggs whisked
• 1 bell pepper sliced
• 1 mushroom sliced
• some dendelion salad (or any other kind you like)

Ingredients salad:
• salad (2 kinds, i took dendelion and regular)
• 1 tomato sliced
• some mint leaves
• cashews
• pistachio
• wallnuts
• almonds

For the bread. Slice the bread in half into a upper an bottom section. Put them on a plate (thats able to go into the oven). Then in a bowl, mix all ingredients with a fork.
Then place the mixture onto the bread and let it be there for 15 minutes.  At 150-200°.

In the meanwhile take the ingredients for the salad and make your salad the way you like. Put some dressing on it and some nuts and thats it!

When you’re finished and took the bread out of the oven you can put it all in a take away plate and put some of the salad you made on the side!


Simple right!? Enjoy!



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