About me

I’m a girl who is born in 1992.
Im trilangual. I’ve been raised speaking 3 languages: dutch, kurdish and persian(farsi).
but i also learned to speak English and German.

I’m studying Social Work and i want to study more in psychologie after my current study.
I really love to sing, dance and draw. But unfortunately I dont have much time to do these anymore. Next to school I have a 4 days fulltime internship and I have a parttime job in a restaurant. I also blog and watch a lot of series(korean, japanese and american). I love anime and manga, and I have my own little collection hihi. I also love K-pop ๐Ÿ˜€
My favorite band is BAP, SHINEE and T-ara.

I also love eating, but because of my allergies I can’t eat a lot of things anymore T.T…(sinds 2 years i have it and it’s a little more than 6 months, since i’ve stopped eating everything I’m allergic for).

Oh the reason I take the name princess, is because i’ve been called princess since i was little(by parents and teachers and friends).
I hated it before, because i took it negatively as being spoiled. But now i see the good in it. I dont see myself as a spoiled child. I work hard and people just don’t see the working hard part.

any more questions? Ask ๐Ÿ˜€



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