Healthy lunch idea! Easy and delicious!


Well i made this because i didn’t want my lunch to as always.  And its easy to make. Just 15 minutes!

Ingredients bread:
• 1 bread (i used 100% spelt)
• 2 eggs whisked
• 1 bell pepper sliced
• 1 mushroom sliced
• some dendelion salad (or any other kind you like)

Ingredients salad:
• salad (2 kinds, i took dendelion and regular)
• 1 tomato sliced
• some mint leaves
• cashews
• pistachio
• wallnuts
• almonds

For the bread. Slice the bread in half into a upper an bottom section. Put them on a plate (thats able to go into the oven). Then in a bowl, mix all ingredients with a fork.
Then place the mixture onto the bread and let it be there for 15 minutes.  At 150-200°.

In the meanwhile take the ingredients for the salad and make your salad the way you like. Put some dressing on it and some nuts and thats it!

When you’re finished and took the bread out of the oven you can put it all in a take away plate and put some of the salad you made on the side!


Simple right!? Enjoy!




For a long time I have felt very “down ” . I had stress regarding my follow-up study at the university , I got irritated to some things in my social contacts , my favorite concert which i had to miss because I had to work but ultimately did not have to work that day … I’m fulltime at my internship and work got too much too (I work 2/3 nights a week and have four days my internship and 1 day school .. ) therefore I was totally depressed . <span title="Een aantal dagen geleden kwam ik een artikel tegen over de #100HAPPYDAYS.

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200 grams of butter
175 grams of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 vanilla sugar or few drops of vanilla essence
220 grams of white flour, for example, Teff Flour

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and flush a silicone mold with water. Do not have a silicone mold, use a normal baking grease but that well with butter or use baking paper.
Soften the butter, for example, in the microwave. Add the salt and sugar and stir well. Stir well the flour little by little this is through the mixture and mix until smooth. Spoon into the mold and smooth it with the back of a wet spoon. Bake 18-20 minutes in the oven. When he‘s ready to cool off for a minute and then remove the mold.


So here’s a little story written by me. have fun reading.

Chapter One

“Bye bye, I will miss you!” I yelled as hard as I could when I saw them leave. I felt an arm on my shoulder “It’s okay, honey” “You’ll write him letters and he will reply them” I heard Ryan say, I felt lucky to have a guy like him by my side, if he wasn’t there I would still live on the streets. I felt tears coming out of my eyes, he was gone now and I wasn’t sure if I could see him again. Ryan pushed me towards him and he embraces me, I had my hands in front of my eyes. After a while we started walking home, hand in hand. —– “Melody!”
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